Networked Experiments

During my work at CM&T, Center for Music & Technology of Sibelius Academy, the only music university in Finland 1998 – 2006, I conducted several educational and creative experiments by means of global computer network, INTERNET. I would like to introduce some of them here.


1. MARCEL, Multimedia Art Research Centres and Electronic Laboratories
I was once a member of MARCEL, representing Sibelius Academy, and a project manager of Future Performing Technologies for Music.
The above photo was taken, via AccessGrid, a broadband multi-user video conference system, during the meeting with several member schools such as IRCAM, City University of New York, Wimbledon College of Art, Goldsmith University of London, University of California San Diego and Sibelius Academy.

ABOUT: MARCEL is a permanent high bandwidth interactive network and web site dedicated to artistic, educational and cultural experimentation, exchange between art and science and collaboration between art and industry.

It is also a portal site for the network listing information in art, science and industry for its member, but also open to the public.

For more Info at Marcel website

AccessGrid session

Info on AccessGrid

2. Remote Teaching / Seminar: Sibelius Academy Helsinki, Finland – IAMAS Ogaki, Japan
During 2003 – 2006, once in a year, I experimented remote teaching together with IAMAS, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences. By trying to learn simultaneous use of different desktop network tools such as remote desktop, live stream and video conference I gave seminar on Experimental Music. Some collaborative practices via network were done such as controlling a robot dog, AIBO via network programming.

3. NET Composition

MÉLANGE À TROIS, for remotely located string trio* by means of streaming technology. 1998 * violin in Warsaw, viola in Helsinki and Cello in Oslo

4. Networked jam session

During ImporMasters version 2 project, I set up 2 public concerts where ImproMasters did remote ensemble sessions:

a) Vancouver / Canada – Helsinki February 1, 2006
The ImproMasters Club Concert, an open public concert, for SIBA FEST, the Sibelius Academy Winter Festival at 21:00 (GMT+2) on 2006-2-1.
long distance collaborative concert

Musicians & Locations:The ImproMasters in the chamber music hall /Sibelius Academy, Helsinki and The New Orchestra Improvisation Workshop musicians at Western Front Society, Vancouver, Canada.
Technologies experimented:iChat (video conference on IP) for visual contact, Live audio stream(AAC) by QT broadcaster (Hel->Van) Live audio stream(MP3) by Icecast (Van -> Hel)

b) Fairbanks / Alasaka, US – Helsinki March 21, 2006

Long distance telematic collaborative concert. The ImproMasters session with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Musicians & Locations: The ImproMasters + iXi at FUNET super auditorium at CSC, IT Center for Science, Espoo, Finland. and the Percussion Ensemble of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks at ARSC, Arctic Region Supercomputing Cneter, auditorium.

Technologies experimented: Access Grid, open source multi user video conference system for high broadband network. DVTS, DV stream from IEEE1394 over IP for high broadband network.

Video document (in RealMedia)

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