Shinji Kanki gives lectures/workshops to various art universities / institutes in Finland as well as in EU countries, in US and in Japan. Honorary Fellow at Aalto University. He also work as supervisor / evaluater for MA thesis for art universities in Helsinki. He does sometimes remote seminars by means of IP based multiusers video conference system such as Access Grid and the other desktop tele-communication tools.

The topics for the lectures/seminars:

- Experimental Music and Sound Art
- New Musical Thinking – experimental/ alternative contemporary music
- Future of art music
- Impromasters: performance Technology in free collective improvisation
- Net Composition – new music compositions on the computer networks

The schools where he held lectures and seminars:
- The Art School MAA
- Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, The department of Time and Space Art Study
- ECMCT, European Course for Musical Composition and Technologies. Track A 1st semester
- Centre for Music & Technology, Sibelius Academy
- Further Education Centre, Sibelius Academy
- Department of Music Theory and Composition, Sibelius Academy
- DOCMUS, the Department of Doctoral Studies in Musical Performance and Research, Sibelius Academy
- Media Lab at Aalto University
- Theatre Academy, Department of Lighting and Sound Design
- Media Study at University of Lapland

- Aarhus Academy of Music , Denmark
-Nordic Sound Art MA program (Nordic leagues of Fine Arts Academy)
- Hungarian Universtiy of Fine Arts, Budapest/Hungary
- ZKM, Centre for Media arts and Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany
- Estonian Academy of Music, Tallin, Estonia
- Creative Technology / School of Art & Design / University of Salford, UK
- Mälmö Art Academy, Sweden
- Music Academy, Basel, Switzerland

- Bregman Electro-Acoustic Studio / Department of Music / Dartmouth College

- IAMAS, Institute of Advanced Media Arts & Sciences
- Tokyo National University of Arts and Music, Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment
- Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music
- Osaka University, Graduate School of Human Sciences
- Osaka University of Arts, Faculty of Music