SILAKKA productions

SILAKKA Productions


SILAKKA Productions, registered in Finland, is a private enterprise that is dedicated to art/cultural productions centered around especially sound. It is run by experimental music composer, Shinji Kanki. Productions include commissioned experimental sound works, a weekly radio show on experimental music, experimental art/music events and exhibitions, workshop/courses on experimental sound and tea, a cultural/art cafe space, etc.

Company name: SILAKKA Productions

Company ID: (Y-tunnus) 2198658-5

EU VAT Number : FI 21986585

Form of company: Private enterprise

Registration date: 2008/6/4 (y/m/d)

Registered location: Helsinki, Finland

Managing director: Shinji Kanki

Address: Drottninggatan 8B, 07900 Lovisa, Finland


iPhone +358-40-7449267
skype silakkaproductions