October 20, 1994, 7:30pm
at Ateneum, the Finnish National Museum

JJ’s Usuyuki  version 1994
The title JJ’s Usuyuki comes from a beautiful set of paintings by the American artist Jasper Johns, to whom this piece is dedicated. Usuyuki actually means “Thin Snow” in Japanese.
The original sampled viola sounds which have later being processed by computer were played by Max Savikangas. I am very grateful to Tarja Ervasti for the visual element and to Max Savikangas for his patient musical collaboration.

kemence, viola: Max Savikangas
piano: Shinji Kanki
video/Light  installation: Tarja Ervasti

The Chinese MTV for  singer, piano and tape, version 1994
written for dancer/choreogapher/singer, Paula Tuovinen.

singer :        Paula Tuovinen
piano :        Shinji Kanki

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