OverWholyRoly, GeeWee

OverWholyRoly, GeeWee

Cage, Post Cage and Beyond
19:00 – 20:15
WeeGee entrance foyer, Ahertajantie 5 Tapiola, Espoo

Dedicated to John Cage’s 95th anniversary of his birth (1912) and 15th anniversary of his death (1992).
Shinji Kanki’s Experimental Music & Sound Art class’ final public presentation.

(Simultaneous performances)
1. Solo for Piano / Concert for Piano and Orchestra 1958 by John Cage
Pianist: Joonas Ahonen (SibA).
video & audio recording: Petra Martikainen (SibA), Tapio Viitasaari (SibA), Heli Kajo (SibA) and Joaquin Hernandez (SibA)
edited and live mixed by Charlotte Pistorius (TaiK)

2. Fontana Mix 1958 by John Cage
remixed by Markku Ruotsalainen (TaiK) and Jenna Sutela (TaiK)

3. Indeterminacy 1959 by John Cage
interpreted by Jarkko Räsänen (KUVA)

4. Solo for Voice 2 1960 by John Cage
interpreted by Minna Nygren (class auditor)

5. Composition 1960 #5 by La Monte Young
recomposed by Shinji Kanki. Shooting game installation played by audience.
programming: Akira Sano (1st programmer) & Hiroki Kouguchi (2nd programmer)
6. Composition 1960 #7 by La Monte Young
interpreted by Matt Chaumont (KUVA), MJ Pilvari Pirtola (KUVA), Andres Ramirez (KUVA)
& Shinji Kanki

7. Metaphenomena 6 by Matthew Chaumont (KUVA)
2 small low frequency cannons, 2 timber boxes 240 x 61 x 61. 2007

8. CICADA by Sinem Baykal (KUVA)
Sounding sculpture + sound performance

9. Sleeping music #1 by Aleksi Linnamaa (KUVA)
We carry our homes (within us which enables us to fly)

10. The Stream by Heikki Halme aka Hepa (HY)
Soundscape performance

11. Unknown performace by Jonna Kinnunen (KUVA)
Experimental performance

12. 3’44″ by Kresimir Popovic (KUVA)
video installation and performance

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