solo exhibition with various notations of compositions. 1988
CANON Center shop, Helsinki
Sponsored by CANON, Finland

Different kind of “notation”, such as video, orchestra score, Japanese instrument tablature, computer coding, etc.are exhibited together with the related products from CANON, such as PC, Wordprocessor, copy machine, etc. NOT in ordinary GALLERY but in a SHOP!

During 2 weeks exhibition period, there was only one visitor, Kari Kuriikku, a nowadays known clarinet player. Completely ignored.

Exhibited works:

- My Juli+Talking for video and tape: Video notation

- Hidden Music for 144 strings: 144 staves orchestral notation in plexiglass

- Brice 3 for computer synthesis: FORTRAN 77 computer programing code notation

- Cento II (later changed the name to Still Flowers) for string quartette: Score book in  double notation with western staff notation and Japanese Sho (mouth organ) tablature

- Euterpes for orchestra: A part for Hichiriki (Japanese traditional oboe) tablature notation

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