Digital Music Festival 2003 JAPAN

Nov.22 – 24, 2003 at Xebec Hall, Kobe, Japan

co-production with Osaka University of Arts

Participated works from CM&T, Sibelius Academy, Finland

Noa Nakai
Noa Nakai (1979-) has been composing with computers for over ten years, beginning from early 8-bit computers. He has done pieces of diverse kind including modern chamber music, film music, game music and music for dance performances. He currently studies in Sibelius Academy, Finland in the Centre for Music & Technology and also violin in the Department of Orchestral Instruments.

This scifi adventure is about Rhea, who is a cyborg. She wakes up with memory lost. She starts to look for answers but not everything goes well. In the end she does find something, something not many have seen.

Originally made for an installation in an art gallery. The sounds relate to sculptures in that installation. A few melodic passages here and there carry on the otherworldly soundscape.

Marko Myöhänen
Marko Myöhänen (1979-) has started composing music on computers since 10 years ago and made lots of pieces for computer games, installations and other multimedia as well as pure concert music compositions. Myöhänen likes to do all kinds of things involving sound. He does music recording, production, mixing and mastering. He has also performed the electronic parts in numerous contemporary electro acoustic works both in Finland and abroad with the Avanti!, a chamber orchestra. Myöhänen studies in Sibelius Academy, Finland in the Centre for Music & Technology.

Synth is an experiment to combine techno music and acoustic sounds in a new and weird way. It’s also an experiment with different acoustic spaces and depth in mixing.

Shinji Kanki

  • PCM 0355+53PCM 0355+53PCM 0355+53

    An experimental work written for Helsinki Computer Orchestra 2003

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