Sunday 7:30pm January 26, 1992
at Ateneum, the Finnish National Museum

Players: Shinji Kanki, AVANTI!
Dancer: Sanna Kekäläinen




Shôin Kanki & AVANTI!   at   ATENEUM.

……   Music has usually been related to Time .    Beats and Synchronization are the elements which have always dominated and still are dominating music. Composers make variation of  these combination. Time  has to be consumed.

Unfortunately I have no sense of Time .   Structuring the sequence of Time ,   making drama of Time Event  does not interest me at all. Is it not possible to make music which just represent the Space, a fresh Space  in which people could experience various perceptions, not just one ,  without sensing Time ? ……….

A project of one man  music exhibition where  music compositions  are exhibited in different places as in the case of paintings and sculptures.
The audience  has to move to see the compositions.

Hungarian Blues  is performed  on the landing of  the entrance staircase of Ateneum and Self-Portraits in the Semi-Ukiyoe Style   is performed on the 3rd floor as well as  on the entrance staircase. Still Flowers  is performed in a contemporary art collection room facing the railroad station on the 3rd floor. Then,  dance for Euterpean Fragments  and The Undergraduates  are performed on the bridge above  the entrance staircase.

*        *        *        *

Hungarian Blues  is a sort of a brush painting. The landscape is painted by string harmonics on which there is a calligraphy written by Hichiriki, Japanese ancient oboe.

There are 4 Self-Portraits in Self-Portraits in the Semi-Ukiyoe Style:  SP with piccolo, SP with Guitar, SP with Contrabass and Unfinished SP with Piccolo, Guitar and Contrabass. There are many many music quotations sampled(taken) out of all over my surroundings, which are constantly influencing me. So I could say that this piece was made by many people’s ideas not just me. I sort of collected them. Isn’t it boring just trying to listen to one  person’s idea in one piece?  This is  a kind of street graffiti. You see some of them are not  finished yet!

Still Flowers,  version for string quartet is a flower arrangement made up of 8 different arrangements. The sequence is meant to be repeated.  People  can come in  at any stage of the performance and listen to it  and walk out freely.  Original version is written for 3 shôs(Japanese bamboo mouth organ).

Euterpean Fragments   for tape and dancer is a re-composition from the excerpts of Euterpe ,  originally composed for Gagaku orchestra(ancient             Japanese court orchestra). The excerpts are manipulated by computer, changing its original form into totally different abstract shape.

Quotations out of 7 different study pieces which were made during my study period are simultaneously played  ca. 45 seconds: The Undergraduate.

All pieces  are composed by Shôin Kanki.
Digital tapes are mixed and edited at the audio laboratory of The Music Research Institute, Sibelius Academy (director:Kari Kurkela).

The concert is produced by Shôin Kanki  and Marjatta Levanto with kind collaboration and sponsorship by Ateneum, Canon Inc., Sibelius Academy and Union Bank of Finland(in alphabetical order).

Hichiriki, Shôin Kanki.
Piccolo, Olli Pohjola.
Guitar, Lauri Suurpää.
Contrabass, Miika Asunta.
Violin, Susanne Helasvuo,  Tiina Niemi.
Viola, Tuula Riisalo.
Cello, Matti Pohjola.

Dancer, Sanna Kekäläinen.

Audio engineer, Pekka Purhonen, Shôin Kanki.

*        *        *        *

All the compositions except Self-Portraits are selected especially for the characteristic acoustics  of the  entrance hall as well as in a  contemporary art collection room of Ateneum.   The sounds sequence  being heard  before the concert is to allow the  audience to get used to this acoustics.

Finally I must say that without many people’s friendly help, especially collaboration with AVANTI! , always challenging and distinguished musician’s group,  I could not make this concert at all. Thank you all.

January 26 1992 Helsinki

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