A collection of works for radio, that are created by the students of Shinji kanki class at Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

Co-production with Charm of Sounds (Äänen Lumo) on 100,3MHz Lähiradio. May 14 and 21, 2008

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Program Info:

The composition by the students of Experimental Sound Art class broadcasted on Lähiradio-KaRa 100,3Mhz at 5pm on Wednesday, May 14!
Lähiradio – KaRa (National Radio Association), 100,3MHz broadcasts the work of students of Experimental Sound Art class under the program of Charm of Sound (Äänen Lumo).

The time and the date: 5pm, Wednesday, May 14.
The duration: 30 minutes.

Note that there is no Internet streaming. You must listen to it with your radio! 100,3MHz covers Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

The title of the composition: COLORS
The colors placed in sequential order are:
Black-Red–Yellow-Green-Blue-Brown-Light Grey-Dark Grey-White-Ultra Violet/Infrared Red (+ coda)

The name of the students and associated colors:
Black: Chris Eilersson(KUVA)
Red: Imrich Kovacs (TAIK)
Yellow: Elvira Rensen(TAIK)
Green: Anne Römpp(TAIK)
Blue: Marko Timlin(SIBA)
Brown: Pasi Rauhala(KUVA)
Light grey: Lina Palmqvist(KUVA)
Dark grey: Robin Blom(KUVA)
White: Osnat Kelner(KUVA)
Ultra violet/Infrared red: Lauri Wuolio(KUVA)
(coda: Shinji Kanki)

Radio operator: Kimmo Modig (TEAK)
Produced by the class of Experimental Sound Art at Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (KUVA) and the Charm of Sound (Äänen Lumo)

Experimental Sound Art:
Charm of Sound: