Tea & Musical Experiments Workshop

A Happy New Year 2013! The year of SNAKE and it is MY year!

TEA & MUSICAL EXPERIMENTS, a new workshop by Shinji Kanki is starting. During the workshop, we make & drink various high quality Japanese tea, and we will study creative & experimental processes toward composition and performance of sound/music.

The first one:  January 7 – 11, every day 9 – 16 at the Media Lab, Department of Media / School of Arts, Design and Architecture/Aalto University.

info -> http://mlab.taik.fi/studies/courses/course?id=2011

The second one: Every Thursday starting from January 17 till the end of March at the MAA-Tila of the Art School MAA.

info -> http://www.taidekoulumaa.fi/opetus/iltaopetus

The workshops are kindly supported by UOGASHI-Meicha, one of the finest tea maker & shop in Tokyo, Japan. UOGASHI-Meicha provides the finest tea, tea pot and tea cups  to the workshop.

info -> http://www.uogashi-meicha.co.jp/

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