My piano solo concert

Performance and documentary video screening.

At Pekilo/Mänttä Art Festival

4:30pm, Sunday, August 9


1. My Piano Uprooted with 3 assistants. at Pekilo 2nd floor, where my piano is now installed. ca. 7 minutes

2. Self-Portrait with a large wind machine. Outside Pekilo. The piano would be moved outside Pekilo by Shinji Kanki (mini-procession) ca. 15 minutes

3. Procession (grand procession). The piano will be transported from Pekilo to Kino Säde (not Bio Säde. Kino Säde is the old movie theater.) by a horse and its carry. Audience follows. The piano would be installed just outside the Kino Säde. 20 minutes

4. Variations & Theme for Piano. Documentary video of the performance in Turku 2013 August. at Kino Säde. 40 minutes

Total time: 1.5 hours. ends ca. 6pm.

Performed by Shinji Kanki
Performance costume designed by Valter Tornberg.

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