Lecture: Future of Western Art Music

I am giving an annual lecture tomorrow at Media Lab/Aalto University. The same topic every year and now the 9th one. Guess what’s the topic: FUTURE OF WESTERN ART MUSIC!?

Every year I approached this enormous challenging topic, predicting the future, from different perspectives(Remember, I never repeat!) such as, music education/educational Institutes, classical music and its present situation, Time travelling, Cognitive evolution/Natural selection/mutation, thermodynamics/Entropy/Phase transition, Colored noise field, Orchestra&Concert halls, .. occasionally performing musical experiments.

This year, the 9th lecture goes straight to one of the very cores of the system of western art music: musical temperament/intervals which I have completely forgotten for many years since I started to teach in art schools. I introduce possible future with new musical temperaments with neurophysiology and our learning ability.

And of course, the 10th one that is coming this Fall, is dedicated another core of the western art music:Notation system.


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