NEWS: May 12, 2010
Sirpa Jokinen, artist and SILAKKA Productions start a CD project, “CONVERSATIONS WITH PLANTS” (tentative title).

The CD will contain two kinds of soundtracks. There will be ‘conversations with plants’ where people are taking care of their plants and at the meanwhile talking to them or just having stopped by to say something to their plants without particular reason. There are also recitations of poetry or speech to the plants. These small performances are recorded without given directions to the speakers. The voice, the mood of the speaker, his dramaturgy, his/her attitude towards the plants and the acoustics of different spaces will come out. The speakers are of different ages and nationalities.

The second kind of soundtracks are recordings of ‘plants answering’. They contain for example sounds of water being absorbed by the soil, reeds rustling in the wind or tree leaves tapping against each other.

The CD will also be an art object itself. Seeds in a specially designed envelope will be attached to every copy of the CD.

The CD is planned to be released during late 2010 – early 2011

sample listening: conversations with plants

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  1. jarkko

    if the title has not been fixed, how about quoting somehow Pekka Streng from his song Puutarhassa: “(…) kertoo niille tarinoita, sillä kukat ovat hyviä kuuntelijoita.” ;-)

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