2 x composition + 3 x production

A Happy New Year 2012!


Photo by Professor Susumu Hirayama

RITORNELLO for colored noises and organ

commissioned by City Wolfsburg for Aalto 50 festival, 2012. Performance on June 6, 2012 when The Holy Ghost church at Klieversberg celebrates its 50th anniversary of the consecration (June 6, 1962).


By TeemuMykkanen, from FLICKR photo

THE ART OF WAR, a new version for Helsinki Music Centre

A War Symphony for Artists’ Orchestra of Finland performed at KIASMA contemporary art museum is rewritten for open public orchestra and A wind orchestra as a site-specific composition for newly opened Helsinki Music Centre’s main concert hall.



Photo: VTM/KKA, Joel Rosenberg

A Collective Sound Performance at KIASMA, the 1st floor

Seven artists presents sound performance works with micro FM radio transmitter. Produced by Shinji Kanki /SILAKKA Productions and Lá Bas Biennale 2012. Performed at KIASMA contemporary art museum’s first floor on April 27 Friday at 7pm – 9pm.


City Street Sound Performances by the students of Shinji Kanki’s class at the Art School MAA

Performed at various spots of Helsinki city area between KIASMA and the ferry port to the island, Suomenlinna on April 28, Friday in the evening. Produced by Shinji Kanki /SILAKKA Productions and Lá Bas Biennale 2012.



24 hours radio arts day broadcasted by 100,3FM Lähiradio in Helsinki.

Scheduled in the beginning of May 2012. Produced by Silakka Radio Show / Silakka Productions and Lähiradio.



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