ISEA’94 (電子芸術国際シンポジウム) ヘルシンキ- 電子音響音楽演奏会


Three nights electronic music concerts of ISEA’94 at Sibelius Academy Chamber Music Hall(Electric Hall) with 96 surround loudspeakers produced by Shinji Kanki.
The music performed is diffused to 8 directions. The concerts feature pieces on tape and live electronics.

The Program

Concert 1  Aug. 23 The Scholars
- Francis Dhomont
- Akemi Ishijima
- David C. Little
- Joseph Hyde

Concert 2 Aug. 24 The Alternatives
- Patrick Kosk
- Jukka Tiensuu
- Michael Rosas Cobian
- Andrea Libretti
- Erik Zoran and Srdjan Hofman

Concert 3 Aug. 25 The Virtuosos
- Mari Kimura
- Cort Lippe and Zack Settel

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