PCM 0355+53


初演 2003年11月21日グロリア‧ホール。AVANTOフェスティバル, ヘルシンキ


(及び11月23日デジタル音楽フェスティバル、XEBEC ホール、神戸市。)

再演 2004年4月17日 DIGITAL, International Sound Art Event in Helsinki インフォ

2004年10月7日 エストニア音楽アカデミー秋の祭典


2004年10月28日 NMA, New Music Academy コンサート2

2010年11月  リマ、ペルー VIBRA, sound art festival




A pulse wave is a nucleus of sound. Out of a pulse starts life of sound, thus music. Pulse is ubiquitous, yet people tends to avoid its existence. The composition, PCM 0355+53, an imaginary pulsar, a spinning neutron star that emits pulse signals, is based on various kinds of pulses you can find everywhere in real life and also in synthetic world. The pulses are categorized into four groups which in fact consists of the orchestra: Bio pulse, Morse code pulse, Dolphin pulse and Random pulse, with short wave radio pulses added by the composer. How do you identify the each existence of pulse? These rhythmic, scattered short pulses would later on turn to completely different texture, sustained tones due to rasing frequencies of repetitions. What would happen during this transition?

Instead of traditional closed procedure of composing, the whole process of making this composition is open on the web in order to share its development, idea, critiques on real time with the musicians of the HCO. The composer invites each musician of HCO to participate into the compositional process.

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