12 FRAGMENTS for a double A single


12 FRAGMENTS for a double A single

3’50” stereo

Commissioned by ARTSI, Vantaa Art Museum


The compositions from which the fragments are taken

(order in appearance)

-Ritornello for coloured noises & organ

-A play for two harpists

-The Art of War – Symphony

-Untitled – an environmental composition for Harakka island

-For Topias

-PCM 0355+53

-The theme of Kiko-traveller is my name

-Reconstruction of Mozart Requiem

-JJ’s Usuyuki

-Self-Portraits in the Semi-Ukiyoe Style

-Brice I

-My Juli



Saara Rautio

Suvadeep Das

The Finland Artists Orchestra

Erkki Pirtola

Kalle Leino

Topias Tiheäsalo

The Helsinki Computer Orchestra

Members of the Finnish Radio Chamber Choir

Jukka Rantamäki

Jari Kauppinen

Olli Pohjola

Lauri Suurpää

Tiina Niemi

UNM 1981 string nonet

Tomas Löndahl

Juli Af Klintberg

Shinji Kanki


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