The Art of War – Symphony

THE ART OF WAR – SYMPHONY (The score here in PDF)
is my comment on the situation of an immigrant composer in Finland. Working in the field of experimental art music is everyday “WAR”, fighting for survival. In order to win the war you must carefully control your resources(=the troop) socially, culturally and politically and fight. But how? Listen to THE ART OF WAR – SYMPHONY.

The word SYMPHONY derives from Greek συμφωνία meaning “concord of sound” as well as from σύμφωνος “harmonious” (Oxford English Dictionary). Later the word is used more in a sense of “sounding together”. Thus sounding together harmoniously by a large group of instruments and voices. War can never be in harmonious but troops that combat must be in “harmonious” under a directorship in order to win its mission.

A troop of artists (=orchestra) combats against unknown enemy (=the audience) during the four movements:
1st movement: Wind – Move as swift as a wind
2nd movement: Forest – Stays as silent as forest
3rd movement: Fire – Attack as fierce as fire
4th movement: Mountain – Immovable like a mountain

There are no breaks between the movements.
The combat tactics in the each movement are quoted from the 7th chapter “Military Combat” of Pin Yin, THE ART OF WAR written by Sun Tsu.

Premiere: November 13, 2010 at KIASMA Theater 2pm
Finland Artists Orchestra

Erkki Pirtola, conductor
Kalle Leino, drums

Charm of Sound / Äänen Lumon, commission

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