SHOOT THE BUTTERFLIES (InAudible Music composition)

InAudible Music composition

FLASH game with a wireless Gamepad controller

based on COMPOSITION 1960 #5 by La Monte Young

Original score from an Anthology, published by Heiner Friedrich, NY 1963, page 116

FLASH coding by Akira Sano, Associate professor, Department of Photo and Movie / Faculty of Fine Arts, Kyushu Sangyo University, Fukuoka, Japan.

- Do butterflies make sound? Why not? They are moving wings.. Can we hear it? Probably with hearing aids?
- Too weak sound for us to hear. We should make sound and let butterfly hear our sounds. How about gun shooting?

- How about shooting butterflies and try to listen to the sound when it explores.

- Is it easy to kill butterflies? At least not the real ones.

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