Music for flowers in a white round tea house


A site & time(season) specific music installation

Music for flowers in a white round tea house

by Shinji Kanki

An experimental composition commissioned(invited)by Mänttä Art Festival(*) 2015

(*A contemporary art festival held yearly during summer over 2 months period. The largest art exhibition in Finland, that celebrates 20th anniversary 2015. In English available.)


The round “Tea” house:

The middle silo (there are three of them in line) that faces south outside the main exhibition building(called Pekilo) is painted white both outside and inside.

Set up plan:


Two custom made white noise generators, to which DC voltages (max 20V) from the solar panels that are placed on the top of the roof feed into directly(No inverters or batteries are applied).

The loudspeakers:

2 x Genelec g one white & 1 x Genelec subwoofer f one white emit the white noise into the space whenever the noise generators get enough voltage from the panel. During the Finnish summer they would emit white noise over 20 hours per day, but later in August less hours, thus the space becomes silent occasionally.

A living flower:

Dark or black color flower. It would be changed once in a week or so with fresh water in the white vase.







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