Experimental Evening III

7pm Dec. 19, 2008 at the Lobby of Kuvataideakatemia, Kaikukatu 4


Louis Vanhaverbeke - I will go back to pontony

This performance is the report of a journey through Finland. The piece is in between a visual installation and a musical composition, played from a score. The main theme of the work is a ´pontoon´, which helps to over-cross...

Needles in Air

Tuomo Rainio, Jaana Rannikko, Janne Sundqvist

"Needles in Air refers to a name of band led by Tuomo Rainio. Needles in Air is also much more, it is a performative project of mediating immediacy and search of presence. The performance of Needles in Air uses the traditional standards of a band as an starting point. The band members plays self made and programmed instruments that become additional parts of their bodies and played by the movement. The result is as much visual experience as it is sonic. Actually, more than experimental sound art, the show opens up an perspective to visual art.  The performance breaks out from the defined concept of image by proposing a vision - image of presence. The concert turns the live performance into mediated and programmed chaos. The Needles in Air is not a band but an image in the presence. Live video image is turned into the hypnotic noise and noise in physics. When the band takes a rest the stage turns into a interactive installation of sculptures (instruments), screens and sounds. The concert, performance and instruments are full of reflective surfaces and screens. Reflections create a link between the audience and performance."

DRIP MUSIC by George Brecht

Collective performance by ExSEx (Experimental Sound Expression) Class
Sirpa Jokinen, Pekka Nevalainen, Timo Klos and Shinji Kanki

Produced by
SILAKKA Productions